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Prevagen vs Provigil (Modafinil)

Here we have a battle between Prevagen vs Provigil, also known as Modafinil. Both products are touted as brain health enhancers, but which one is better at doing its job?

We’ll look at what these two ‘smart supplements’ consist of, how to take them, if they come with any side effects, and how they stack up against our current top rated brain supplements.

Here’s our report of Prevagen vs Provigil…

Prevagen vs Provigil (Modafinil) – The Basics

Prevagen Overview

Prevagen is a nootropic supplement, which means it belongs to a category of products that are said to boost our cognitive function. Much like a multivitamin ‘feeds’ your body, a nootropic supplement supports your brain health.

  • Prevagen is marketed to specifically help with memory loss due to aging. This sounds very impressive for a product with only two ingredients, one of which is a basic vitamin!

Its company, Quincy Bioscience, has been sued in the past for false advertising claims. Featuring jellyfish commercials, Prevagen’s research claims that it’s the #1 memory support brand you can buy today. FTC and other bodies that sued Quincy Bioscience for their misleading claims say otherwise, though!

Provigil Overview

Provigil is another name for Modafinil, a synthetic compound that’s gained popularity for its effects on focus and productivity. It’s also used for narcolepsy and sleep disorders.

The usual dosage for beginners is somewhere between 30-50mg, and lasts up to 6 hours. Provigil (aka Modafinil) is only available through prescription, though!

Many people who use Provigil claim that they’re able to get more done while on it. Sounds very familiar… the only question is, how safe is Provigil?

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Prevagen vs Provigil The Ingredients

Prevagen contains two ingredients, whereas Provigil is a single-ingredient product – containing Modafinil.

However, Prevagen contains a ton of “other ingredients,” which are all fillers and unnecessary additions to this supplement.

Prevagen’s Ingredient(s)

prevagen ingredients

Prevagen contains two active ingredients – vitamin D and Apoaequorin. Vitamin D is a basic nutrient that each one of us needs for optimal brain function.

It can’t do much on its own for memory, though, which is why it’s accompanied by Apoaequorin. A protein sourced from a glowing jellyfish.

So, what does Apoaequorin do? According to Prevagen’s research, it will help you:

  • Improve verbal fluency
  • Enhance memory
  • Enhance sleep
  • Improve recollection

The issue is, none of these benefits have actually been peer reviewed. The only study that Prevagen’s company relies on is funded by themselves, so that throws their credibility out of the window!

For us, Prevagen lost our credibility when we found out it was charged by the State of New York’s FTC for making “Deceptive Memory, Cognitive Improvement Claims”

Looking at its ingredient formula, this product is a total waste of money in our opinion. There’s a lot of marketing hype behind Prevagen, which unfortunately some people have bought into, but the concrete evidence just isn’t there.

Provigil Ingredients

Provigil’s main ingredient is… well, Provigil. Or also known as Modafinil. A growing body of research suggests that this compound can boost productivity and focus, much like some ADHD medications.

However, although Provigil works, it comes at the risk of side effects and a potential for abuse, according to WebMD.

It makes you more awake and alert for several hours, but once it stops working, you develop a habit for wanting more, which can lead to an addiction. For this reason, we aren’t so sure if Provigil is a good long-term solution.

The best brain health supplements typically optimize brain function across the board, and support long-range mental performance. Without the risk of dependency or side effects.

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Our Thoughts on the Ingredients in Prevagen vs Provigil

In essence, what it all boils down to is which is better: Prevagen vs Provigil?

Provigil would be the obvious answer, since it can help make you more alert – but it comes with potential side effects and risk of dependency, which is why we don’t rate it as one of the safest and most effective brain supplements currently available. Plus, you can only get it through a doctor’s prescription.

Prevagen, on the other hand, doesn’t have any research and results to indicate that it works. So we can’t recommend it to anyone.

If you’re looking for safe and complete cognitive optimization. You’ll want a product that feeds your brain with the food it needs to work at its peak – not a short-lived energy fix that could potentially lead to an addiction.


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Side Effects of Prevagen vs Provigil

Prevagen’s ingredient, Apoaequorin, doesn’t seem to do anything in humans. So at least you shouldn’t worry about side effects if you still decide to give it a go!

As for Provigil, the problem is that it stimulates the production of your neurotransmitters that make you feel good. In a similar manner that Adderall and other ADHD meds do.

This tends to create a dependency. Over time, your brain loses its ability to make its own dopamine. This can leave you addicted to Modafinil consumption.

Price and Value For Money? Prevagen vs Provigil

Prevagen can cost you up to $70 per bottle, depending where you buy it. Bear in mind that the bottle will last you 15-30 days, depending on how many pills you take. Not that it matters though, because this product is unlikely to do much for you at all!

Provigil price depends on your health insurance plan and other factors. Its current legal status means you can only get it through your doc’s prescription. Although some people get it from other sources anyways, which we don’t recommend!

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Conclusion on Prevagen vs Provigil

This is basically the battle between a Jellyfish Protein and a Quasi-Stimulant. Jellyfish Protein being Prevagen, and Quasi-Stimulant being Provigil (Modafinil).

Both have their own pros and cons. But ultimately, neither Prevagen or Provigil is worth it. Whereas Prevagen doesn’t have any research to back up its sensational claims, Provigil can potentially leave you craving it and abusing it.

Prevagen vs Provigil Final Words

That is, if you can get hold of it in the first place, as it’s legally available through a doctor’s prescription only.

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