Folic acid for Women & Men

Folic acid for Women & Men

Folic acid for women


Folic acid is in high demand, especially among women, for its beneficial and irreplaceable properties.

No wonder its second name is the vitamin of beauty. It not only helps to prevent premature aging, but also to organize the full functioning of all your organs.

The endocrine, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems will function normally if vitamin deficiency is prevented in a timely manner. Plus, acid does a great job of blocking weight.

Folic acid benefits for women

Thanks to the regular restoration of the reserve of folic acid, a woman can preserve for a long time, and most importantly, prolong women’s youth.

This magic vitamin regenerates the appearance of new cells and ensures the preservation of old ones. As a result, the skin remains fresh and smooth for a long time, the hair becomes thick and shiny, and the nails are strong.

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Regular replenishment of vitamin B9 will boost women’s mood. This is especially helpful with PMS and menopause. It was during this period that the female state is characterized by increased nervousness and overexcitation.

Vitamin B9


It is especially important for women over 40 years of age to take beauty vitamin regularly, which helps to normalize the functioning of the stomach and intestines and speeds up the metabolism.

Thanks to B9, the absorption of nutrients is improved. A very valuable function of folic acid is to prevent the occurrence of unwanted symptoms that occur as a result of hormonal changes during the onset of menopause.

Folic acid when planning pregnancy


Folic acid for Women & Men

Folic acid takes 1st place in the list of supplements that the attending physician prescribes for a woman who is planning to have a baby or is already in a position.

It is essentially vitamin B9, which is easily soluble in water and actively influences a number of fundamental processes in the human body.

Our TOP PICKS OF Folic Acid

The advantage of pharmacy vitamin B9 is the ability to easily calculate the dosage. The tablet should be swallowed before or after the main meal with water. Attention! Do not take folic acid and vitamin B12 at the same time.

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They interfere with the full assimilation of each other. A completely different effect is provided by the joint intake of vitamins B and C.

The latter promotes the absorption of folic acid and increases the benefits of its intake. You can also supplement the treatment with vitamin B9 by taking multivitamin complexes.

However, this should be done in consultation with your doctor.

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Obstetricians around the world say that folic acid is extremely important in early pregnancy and when planning a pregnancy.

It directly affects the condition of the pregnant woman and the development of the fetus. Its deficiency not only complicates the course of pregnancy, but also the process of conception.

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Conscious mothers-to-be must regularly replenish vitamin B9 deficiencies. According to scientific research, in 80% of cases, regular intake of the vitamin prevents the possibility of congenital malformations of the fetus.

For pregnant women, the use of folic acid is especially important. To bear a healthy child, the body needs a large amount of vitamin, so all of its reserves in the expectant mother are quickly depleted.

They need to be replenished regularly. In addition, folic acid is independently formed in the body in very small doses, which are not enough for a pregnant woman.

Regular intake of the vitamin is especially important for expectant mothers in the first trimester.

During this period, the main fetuses are laid, the neural tube is formed, on which the development of the entire nervous system directly depends.

Vitamin deficiency in the first trimester can lead to miscarriage or serious fetal malformation. Folic acid deficiency in a newborn can result in:

  • Various mental diseases;
  • Neuroses;
  • Mental retardation.

Folic acid for Women & Men

Therefore, folic acid when carrying a fetus (especially in the 1st trimester) must regularly enter the female body in sufficient quantities.

After the baby is born, it is important not to interrupt the mother’s folic acid intake, since the infant only receives this vitamin through breast milk. And for a baby who is actively growing, acid is extremely important.

It is a part of all cells of the body, therefore it is a kind of building material, the reserves of which must be regularly replenished.

Foods high in folate

Nature has endowed fresh fruits and vegetables with large amounts of folic acid. Therefore, doctors recommend regularly eating parsley, lettuce, legumes, peanuts and oranges to replenish the vitamin in the body.

A large supply of vitamin contains liver, kidneys, meat, milk and eggs.

Foods saturated with B9 are shown in the table:

Poultry by-products 345-700 100GR
Veal Liver  330-440  100 GR
Legumes 230-370 100 GR
Pork Liver 160-260 100GR
Spinat 140 125GR
Asparagus 130 125GR
Wheat grain 125 100GR
Broccoli 90 125GR
Parsley 110 100GR

But it is worth noting that most of the folic acid is destroyed during long-term storage of food and under the influence of hot water.

Therefore, experts strongly recommend regular replenishment of stock as part of special complexes.

Vitamin compatibility

The benefits of folic acid for men

Vitamin B9 helps to strengthen the immune system, the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels, is involved in the formation of blood cells, in the synthesis of nucleic acids and amino acids, as well as purine and pyrimidine bases.

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It also contributes to normal digestion and is important for the nervous system and the brain.

Folic acid is beneficial for men in that it reduces the number of sperm with defects in DNA, with the wrong number of chromosomes.

Combined with vitamin E, it stimulates sperm production and increases sperm volume, which has a beneficial effect on the chances of conceiving.

Attention! Folic acid overdose should not be allowed. It increases the risk of benign and even malignant neoplasms.

Folic acid for Women & Men

When else do men need to take vitamin B9?

Vitamin B9 can be prescribed not only when planning a pregnancy. It is useful for:

Folic Acid Benefits Final Words

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of folic acid (vitamin B9) for humans, since the vital processes of new cell division and tissue regeneration directly depend on it.

Folic acid also affects DNA replication (doubling), which allows the transfer of accurate genetic information from generation to generation.

Finally Folic acid is also of great importance for the metabolism of essential amino acids.

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