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Topics we cover include:

  • Brain Fitness & Meditation – Weekly articles on optimizing your mind and staying in the present moment.
  • Supplementation – Critique and selections of the best brain supplements to support your goals.
  • Lifestyle – From the Wim Hof Method to Intermittent Fasting for mental clarity, we cover a variety of topics related to natural biohacking.

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Meet the Team

Meet the people who contributed to the creation and growth of Valentino’s Naturals. Our passion for fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition is what drives us to keep developing and expanding this site.

As Valentino’s Naturals grows, we’ll continue to expand our team with professional writers, fitness coaches, and nutrition experts to provide you with content that’s both interesting and helpful.


Founder & Editor in Chief

Valentino is an accredited nutritionist and fitness enthusiast. With over five years’ experience in nutrition and supplement reviews, Valentino oversees the running of the website and content production strategy. When he’s not writing articles, you’ll find him working (and sometimes just relaxing) at his bee farm in Croatia.

The majority of the work you see on Valentino’s Naturals is created by Valentino. What isn’t written by Valentino is at least edited and revised by him.

Caitlyn Kucinski


A respected fitness & yoga coach in the Nebraska wellness community, Caitlyn advocates a plant-based diet and is a firm believer in intermittent fasting.

Hugo Ladipo


Hugo is an all-around veteran. Physical training, spirituality, nutrition… When he’s not coaching others, Hugo enjoys traveling to exotic and sunny places all around the globe.

Future Contributors

As valentinosnaturals.com develops we expect to see more people on this page – watch this space!