drishti supplements ananda CBD oil review

Drishti Supplements Ananda CBD Oil Review

Drishti Supplements Ananda CBD Oil Review:

In this review, we’ll look at whether this premium hemp-derived supplement can deliver on its claims and help you reduce stress, support sleep, and improve daily wellness.

For starters, CBD can offer a variety of benefits to a person’s daily life. CBD is known to quench inflammation, reduce pain, improve sleep, and even boost athletic performance.

It’s also an excellent cognitive enhancer with stress-relieving effects.

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Ananda CBD oil comes in 250mg and 500mg tinctures, and can apparently help you:

  • Achieve a deeper focus
  • Reduce stress
  • Ease pain and inflammation
  • Achieve mental well being

The formula seems solid, the branding is pretty simple and straightforward, and most importantly there’s plenty of scientific evidence behind CBD.

However, not all CBD products are the same. With many of them being diluted or having potentially high levels of THC, we always test the product rigorously before recommending it to our readers.

So let’s go ahead and see whether Drishti Ananda CBD oil can live up to scrutiny…

Pros and Cons

In case you don’t want to go through our full report, we’ve found Ananda CBD to be a clean and effective product.

The guys at PFX Labs, the company behind Ananda CBD, have state of the art extraction process for their CBD supplements. The end product is a legal and safe full-spectrum CBD oil.

While the formula is crafted with yogis in mind, it really is worth a try for anyone who’s looking to improve their sleep, reduce pain, lift stress and achieve daily balance.

And while Ananda CBD Oil won’t give you superpowers, it does exactly what it says on the bottle. Which makes it an excellent value for money for us.

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The Good

  • Natural and clean full-spectrum CBD oil formula based on the latest research
  • Calms the mind and protects the body
  • 1g of premium Hemp Seed Oil and 8.33mg of Full Spectrum CBD
  • You can safely stack it with other supplements
  • Fast and free shipping
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The Bad for ananda CBD oil review

  • Only available in the USA at the moment
  • You can only get it on the official website, which makes buying inconvenient

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How CBD Can Help You

If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of CBD, you’ll love this short and easy section. Even if you’re a highly experienced CBD user, this section will be your quick reference guide.

Simply put, CBD is a natural part of the cannabis and hemp plant. Athletes, busy professionals, stressed stay-at-home parents, and students from around the world are taking advantage of this safe and legal compound.

  • Whereas THC is the part of the cannabis that you may know for its psychoactive effects on the brain, CBD is the opposite. It’s completely safe and non-addictive.

Researchers have found that unlike THC, the legal CBD doesn’t make you high but instead boosts focus, creativity, mental clarity, and resistance to stress and anxiety. Pretty amazing, right?

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]What’s even more interesting is that your body has its own endocannabinoid system. Meaning your body naturally produces some cannabinoids on its own, along with having receptors that allow CBD to bind to them.

Taking higher amounts of CBD through supplements is shown to have massive benefits on the body and mind.[/alert]

Benefits of ananda CBD oil review

Ananda CBD Oil by PFX Labs aims to help you with:

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Focus & brain health
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Exercise performance

Now, it’s well known that CBD has the potential to offer some pretty amazing benefits. But the reality is, we’re just scratching the surface.

The research is just starting to heat up. In 2018, we had the first FDA-approved CBD pharmaceutical for epilepsy.

Stay tuned to Valentino’s Naturals, as I’ll keep releasing updates whenever new research on CBD comes out.

And now, back to our Drishti Supplements Ananda CBD Oil review…

What’s Inside? ananda CBD oil review

drishti supplements ananda CBD oil review ingredients label

The Ananda CBD oil formula contains:

  • Hemp Seed Oil Complex 1g
  • Full Spectrum CBD 8.33mg

As we’ve learned, CBD is the ingredient that this formula revolves around. Each capsule is filled with a precise dose of this natural compound, which is what works best for mental and physical benefits.

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]In studies, CBD is shown to help improve mood, manage depression & anxiety, and enhance sleep quality. Other research suggests that CBD may hold the potential to boost productivity while reducing pain and inflammation in the body. (1, 2)


In a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, CBD was shown to inhibit anxiety in people who went through a stressful situation.

The effect was compared to diazepam (a prescription medication). Unlike diazepam, CBD calmed the subjects’ nerves without sedating them. (3)

All in all, the diversity of CBD’s benefits makes it a great all-rounder.[/alert]

However, I have to mention one thing here. The sad truth is that the CBD market is a minefield. With a lack of regulation in the industry, many products contain high THC levels and are filled with potentially dangerous ingredients.

It’s important for a CBD product to stay within legal limits in terms of its THC content. If you want to get the true benefits and minimize side effects.

I was happy to find out that Drishti CBD supplements stay locked safely below the legal 0.3% THC limit. 

Is the Company Trustworthy?

drishti supplements by pfx labs

Although a relatively fresh company, I like how PFX Labs has already established an excellent track record. Their Shred CBD formula is already one of the leading supplements in its category.

The website design is clean and easy to navigate. And if you have questions about their products, you’ll be happy to hear that I found their customer support to be fast and friendly.

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What Makes Ananda CBD Oil Different?

So, why Drishti Supplements Ananda CBD Oil and not some other CBD product? For me, it’s the quality of manufacturing and customer care.

I also appreciate the guarantee that you’re getting a clean product that was developed using the latest research and technology. And not some junk formula that was messed around with and skimped on for profit.

Also, I like that Drishti Supplements are:

  • cGMP Approved
  • Yogi Tested
  • Natural and Safe

One thing I didn’t like about Drishti Supplements is that they only sell in the USA. So if you’re from somewhere else, you can either… a) ask your aunt to send you some, or b) read my other reviews to find products that ship worldwide.

The good news is, if you’re from the USA, you’ll get fast free shipping too!

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Side Effects ananda CBD oil review

CBD will be a very safe ingredient for most people. As Ananda CBD Oil contains a high-quality hemp CBD complex as well as a separate full spectrum CBD, it’s unlikely to cause any side effects.

Ironically with CBD products, the side effects will come from having too much THC in them. As Ananda CBD Oil is guaranteed to have only trace amounts of THC – which are locked under the legal limit – it’s safe to say this product will be side effect free.

Price & Value For Money

Each 250ml tincture costs $38.99 with tax included. The 500ml tincture is $41.49. I find this to be a solid value for money for a few reasons.

First, the advanced manufacturing that’s gone into making Ananda CBD Oil. Secondly, the clean and transparent formula ensures you get what you’re paying for. Their customer service is fast and superb too.

Plus, the shipping is free for USA users. Although if you’re from abroad, you’ll have to look for other options!

Where to Buy Ananda CBD Oil?

Bargain hunters might be a little disappointed with this one. Ananda CBD Oil is only available to buy on Drishti Supplements official website.

The good side of this is that you always get the latest and freshest product directly from the manufacturer.

And this also saves them from having to deal with fake customer reviews on 3rd party sites like Amazon.

My Verdict on Drishti Supplements Ananda CBD Oil Review

Drishti Supplements Ananda CBD Oil packs a punch. For me, it’s one of the better CBD products I’ve come across (and I’ve come across many over the years).

It’s a bit annoying that you can only buy it on their official website. Also, you can only get it in the USA. The good news is, their shipping is fast and free.

So that pretty much concludes my Drishti Supplements Ananda CBD Oil review. On the whole, I have to say it’s an impressive CBD product.

It boasts the quality, the THC content is negligible and safely below the legal limit (under 0.3%!), and their customer service is excellent.

To break it all down, this is what I like the most about Ananda CBD Oil:

  • Effective – provides high quality CBD that works
  • Safe – as it’s virtually 100% CBD, it’s shown to have nothing but positive effects in studies
  • Quality service – and fast shipping too, free on all USA orders

It’s clear that the supplement company behind Ananda CBD Oil went the extra mile to ensure you get a product that’s not only effective but also safe. All in all, it’s a yes from me!

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Ananda CBD Oil review quick summary:

  1. Quality 10/10
  2. Brand Authority 7/10
  3. Effectiveness 10/10
  4. Price 8/10

Overall: 8.5/10


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  2. Attenuation of early phase inflammation by cannabidiol prevents pain and nerve damage in rat osteoarthritis. (source)
  3. Effects of ipsapirone and cannabidiol on human experimental anxiety. (source)

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