How to Get Rid of Anemia. Best 4 Products

How to Get Rid of Anemia? Best 4 Products

How to Get Rid of Anemia? Best 4 Products


Anemia? or  Low hemoglobin?

Perhaps there are few adults who have not heard these medical terms and did not even understand what they are  about. But, I am convinced, a few know how serious the consequences of this pathology are for the body.

Few adults know the relationship, for example, between anemia and erythrocytes?

Although it is the most straightforward. If a low level of red blood cells is found in blood tests, this is a signal that not everything is in order in the body. And it’s worth thinking about what exactly. What does this threaten in the future? And most importantly, what to do in this case?

By the way, anemia is often diagnosed in the spring, when the body “depleted” over the long winter – it lacks vitamins and microelements. And we feel tired, weak, nervous over trifles, some of us have a headache, and some have a naughty heart 

Anemia itself is not a disease, but it is a symptom in some diseases. Anemias are divided according to a single classification criterion – a color indicator, which demonstrates the level of saturation of an erythrocyte with hemoglobin.

The causes of anemia are varied and depend on the type of disease


The main ones are distinguished:

  • Violation of the production of erythrocytes by the bone marrow. This can be facilitated by oncological 
  • Endocrine diseases, kidney disease, chronic infections, protein depletion;
    lack of substances necessary for the production of hemoglobin: iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, in some cases
  • Vitamin C, pyridoxine;
  • Prolonged acute or chronic bleeding. The main parts of red blood cells are able to recover, but this does not apply to the gland. Severe blood loss depletes its reserves in the body, which leads to anemia.

Each type of anemia is characterized by its own symptoms and features of the course of the disease. However, a number of common signs of anemia can be distinguished, including:

  • Pallor of the skin
  • Fast fatigability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Decreased performance and concentration of attention
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches, tinnitus, “flies” before the eyes
  • Fainting
  • Pain in the heart, even at rest
  • Shortness of breath with little exercise or at rest

What does it mean to have Anemia?

And if a doctor has diagnosed you like this, it means that your body has a reduced amount of hemoglobin in your blood. A blood test will show a decrease in the number of red blood cells. This indicator is considered to be an indicator of many diseases.

Red blood cells are red blood cells that form in the bone marrow. Their task is to provide the organs and all the cells of our body with oxygen. Their other function is transport: to remove carbon dioxide from our body’s tissues.

If the red blood cells are normal, the person feels completely healthy, and when this norm is violated, anemia and other pathologies are diagnosed.

The blood is poorly saturated with oxygen, which leads to a painful condition: a person quickly gets tired, the skin of the face turns pale, the hair becomes more fragile, the nails exfoliate and break.

And the heart reacts in its own way to the disorder inside: the heartbeat quickens, a person can hear ringing in his ears, he has flies in front of his eyes, his head is spinning. This condition is called anemic syndrome, which occurs in almost every third person, and especially in older people. After the  age of 65, the likelihood of anemia increases.

In most cases, anemia in the elderly is diagnosed during hospitalization for other diseases.

Anemia Prevention

Our body cannot produce iron on its own, it gets it from what we eat – whether it be foods that are naturally rich in iron, or food fortified with iron.

But the problem is that not all the iron that enters your stomach with food is absorbed equally well.

To prevent anemia, the first step is to eat a balanced, vitamin-rich diet. Since women lose a lot of iron during menstruation, they should pay increased attention to their hemoglobin levels.

How to get as much iron as possible from food:

  • Eat green leafy vegetables (kale, broccoli, sorrel, lettuce) fresh or steamed
  • Iron-rich spinach, boil a little
  • Eat or drink vitamin C-rich foods/drinks
  • Eat  fermented (sour) bread

Red meat is especially rich in iron, which is easily absorbed by the body. If you don’t eat meat, there are other good sources of iron. These are primarily green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, and legumes such as peas and lentils.

But legumes and green vegetables give you less iron than red meat.

Fermented breads and grains are also rich in iron, although the iron in these foods is not always well absorbed by the body.

Vitamin C and Iron

If you drink orange juice with a fermented cereal breakfast, your body will be able to absorb more iron than if you ate the same breakfast without orange juice.

This is due to vitamin C, which aids in the absorption of iron from food.

If instead of juice you choose coffee for breakfast, then your body will absorb much less iron than in the case of breakfast with orange juice or just without coffee. Сoffee is rich in polyphenols – chemical compounds that bind the iron contained in food and make it less available for absorption by the body.

Therefore, if you choose fermented cereals or any other iron-rich food for breakfast, then it is better to add orange juice or fresh orange to it – this will help increase the absorption of iron. You should also consider drinking your morning coffee at least half an hour after breakfast – then the polyphenols in your coffee will not interfere with the absorption of iron.

 What Vegetables to eat to prevent Anemia


You can get more iron from vegetables. Fresh cabbage and kale is a very good source of iron, but if you fry or boil it, the effect will be less noticeable.

The fact is that cabbage itself is rich in vitamin C, but when heated, especially if you cook cabbage, most of this vitamin is gone.

The same processes occur during cooking and other heat treatment of a number of other green vegetables containing iron and vitamin C: broccoli, cauliflower, and watercress.

However, there is one exception to this rule – spinach. As it turned out, boiled spinach has 55% more easily digestible iron than raw spinach.

Spinach contains a large amount of oxalates – oxalic acid salts that bind iron.

When we cook spinach, the oxalates are released into the water, and the iron contained in it becomes available for the body to assimilate.

TOP of the best iron supplements for low hemoglobin


1.Iron Supplements from Now Foods

How to Get Rid of Anemia. Best 4 Products

This bioactive supplement is a plant-based capsule ideal for adults. The main component of the supplement is iron bisglycinate. This mineral is able to correct malfunctions in the activity of the nervous system, improve immunity. The attending physician may prescribe double-strength iron to normalize blood circulation, the production of hemoglobin.

One capsule contains as much as 36 mg of the active ingredient (about 200% of the daily requirement for an adult patient).

The firm “Now Foods” uses rice flour and cellulose for the manufacture of the capsule shell of the preparation. The manufacturer recommends taking 1 capsule daily with food.

2.Gentle Iron from Solgar


How to Get Rid of Anemia. Best 4 Products

This supplement consists of a pure mineral in the amount of 25 mg, which is placed in a capsule shell, for which magnesium stearate and cellulose are used.

The dietary supplement has a mild effect on the body, without causing side effects, allergic reactions. The formula is free of wheat, gluten and dairy products.

For prevention, it is recommended to swallow 1 capsule daily at the time of your meals. For a different dosage, you must make an appointment for a consultation with your doctor.

3.Advance Ferrochen

How to Get Rid of Anemia. Best 4 Products


In addition to the mineral itself, the preparation contains folic acid, vitamins B12 and C, as well as calcium, silicon dioxide, soy. There are no animal products in this formula.

This supplement form is characterized by easy digestibility. The supplement is taken daily in 1 tablet. It is exclusively suitable for adults. You can exceed the recommended dosage with the permission of your doctor.


4.FLORA – Floradix Iron & Herbs, Vegetarian

How to Get Rid of Anemia. Best 4 Products

The iron-containing dietary supplement is represented by a liquid extract, which includes the following juices:

grape, blackberry, cherry, from pear, orange ,from red beets ,from black currant.

In the formula of this supplement, you can find other useful components: rosehip extract, wheat, yeast, vegetable and vegetable mixture (algae, spinach, carrot root, nettle, etc.).

The rich composition, in addition to gluconate (iron), contains vitamins B6 and B12, riboflavin, thiamine. It contains no dyes, alcohol, synthetic compounds, harmful components.

This food supplement can be given from the age of 4. The daily dose for children with age restrictions 4–11 years old is 1 measuring cup (10 ml). Older children – 2 measuring cups (20 ml) twice a day. The same dose should be taken by adult patients as well.

The extract should be drunk 30 minutes before meals. Before measuring the dose, shake the container with liquid. Opened bottle storage – up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator.

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