Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Nootropic Review

A Nutritionist Weighs in: Beyond Raw Nootropic Review (2022)

Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Nootropic Review: in this review, we’ll see how it compares to other brain supplements when it comes to increasing your focus, reducing fatigue and mental fog, and helping lift your mood.

About Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Nootropic

Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Nootropic is a supplement drink with 30 servings per tub. It features patented natural ingredients that are reported to fire up your brain and help it work more optimally.

Since it comes as a powder and not capsules, it will be a bit harder to dose some of the ingredients precisely. Capsules are generally shown to work better as it’s easier to get a precise amount of certain ingredients, especially those that are dosed under 50mg per serving.

According to some people, and in my experience too, Beyond Raw’s Chemistry Labs Nootropic is one of the worse tasting supplements out there (more on that below).

As far as benefits go, though, Beyond Raw says their Chemistry Labs Nootropic will:

  • Boost your focus
  • Increase mental capacity for work and productivity
  • Maintain high alertness when under stress and sleep deprivation

Below, we’ll inspect the ingredients to see if these claims hold ground and whether I recommend Beyond Raw’s nootropic over the current market leaders.

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How to use Beyond Raw Nootropic

Beyond Raw Nootropic features 2.2g of ingredients per scoop. This is one serving of the product.

The official instructions are to take 1 serving with a full glass of water or other preferred beverage.

Although it doesn’t say it on the label, I’d also recommend you take beyond Raw not too close to bedtime as it has stimulants.

Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Nootropic Ingredients

The ingredients in Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Nootropic are:

  • Acetyl L-Tyrosine (1.5g)
  • Synapsa™ Bacopa Leaf Extract (320mg)
  • TeaCrine® Theacrine (100mg)
  • Suntheanine® L-Theanine (100mg)
  • Neurofactor Coffee Fruit Concentrate (100mg)
  • GABA (50mg)
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root (50mg)
  • Huperzia Serrata (Huperzine A) (100mg)

Here’s a closer breakdown;

Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Acetyl L-Tyrosine has evidence showing it can make you more alert and focused in stressful situations, such as giving a public presentation, sealing an important deal, writing an important article and so on. Tyrosine basically makes your brain work as it should during situations where it could ‘blank out,’ including sleep deprivation.

Safe to say, it’s a good choice in Beyond Raw’s Nootropic!

Synapsa™ Bacopa Leaf Extract

Bacopa is one of my favorite nootropics for memory. While it takes several weeks to show its full effects, the wait is worth the improved cognitive functioning and neuron communication, as well as the mood benefits you’ll experience from this fantastic herb.

TeaCrine® Theacrine

Anecdotal evidence shows us that theacrine works similarly to caffeine, but without side effects. People say they can keep taking theacrine without building a tolerance to it.

But what does the clinical evidence say? Though the initial results are looking good, we still don’t know a lot about this ingredient, especially its long-term effects. Caffeine remains a safer bet.

Suntheanine® L-Theanine 

L-Theanine is a great mental ‘soothing’ compound. It’s found in some mushrooms as well as some types of tea.

It works particularly well with caffeine as its able to block caffeine’s beta-brainwave promoting effects (which make you jittery) and instead put you into a more tranquil alpha-brainwave state.

Not to confuse this with being drowsy, though, the effect is more like a deep focus you get from meditation.

Neurofactor Coffee Fruit Concentrate

This is another under-researched ingredient in Beyond Raw Nootropic.

There’s one study showing it can raise your BDNF (a type of brain growth protein) levels by 140%.

All of the claims about Coffee Fruit’s benefits stem from this study. Needless to say, this is far from conclusive. We don’t know anything about its safety profile, log-term (side) effects among others.

In other words, we aren’t buying it until we see more peer-reviewed evidence!


GABA is a calming neurochemical. Your brain releases it when it’s time to relax or go to sleep, and especially when you ingest things like alcohol, which stimulates GABA production.

However, our brain likes to keep GABA for itself. It doesn’t allow any GABA from outside sources – making supplementation pointless.

Rhodiola Rosea Root

Rhodiola is a great Scandinavian herb that can promote mood, energy, and feelings of well-being.

It’s long been used for its anti-fatigue benefits, but can also act as an antidepressant (in some cases it’s been compared to Sertraline).

Huperzia Serrata (Huperzine A)

Huperzine A is a compound from Toothed Clubmoss which is said to raise your brain’s ‘memory chemical’ acetylcholine, making you retain information and learn new things faster.

But there’s an issue. Huperzine A comes with a slew of long-term side effects if not cycled properly – including headaches and, ironically, memory loss. For this reason, we don’t see it as one of the best natural nootropic ingredients.

My Thoughts on the Ingredients in Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Chemistry Labs Nootropic

Overall, it’s a decent profile. With no proprietary blends in sight, we’re able to see ingredient doses.

The ingredient quality is excellent, with L-Theanine, TeaCrine, and Bacopa coming as patented versions.

Not everything is perfect with Beyond Raw’s Nootropic formula, though. It doesn’t have several of the best nootropic ingredients – Lion’s Mane Mushroom, B vitamins, Pine Bark Extract, and Citicoline to name a few.

Beyond Raw nootropic also uses a few unnecessary ingredients that haven’t been shown to affect your brain function – such as GABA which is naturally found in our brain, but can’t directly cross the blood-brain barrier as a supplement.

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Customer Reviews

You’ll find reviews of Beyond Raw’s Nootropic on Amazon and GNC where it’s mainly sold.

On GNC, it has 3.5/5 star rating, out of 23 reviews.

On Amazon, it fares a little better with a 4.2/5 star rating, out of 40 reviews in total.

In general, users seem to be happy with its focus-boosting effects (which are attributable to L-Tyrosine), but like me, they didn’t love the taste and smell very much!

Here’s what some of them said;

“I really like this product. For me, I feel it helps me to feel alert and less cloudy. Despite the product working really nicely, I deducted one star because it tastes like ground-up chalk, and asphalt, with a dusting of grass.

The second star is deducted for more ominous reasons. This product will make you take a dump. That’s right, a number two. A doody. A caca. I thought it was just a coincidence but i noticed that almost immediately after digesting this product i would have to take a ferocious crap. Within minutes.

For me, between the awful taste and the insta-poop i had to deduct two stars.”

Waltimus (Amazon Customer)

“I took it on a empty stomach today. It’s been an hour and I feel no difference. Taste is horrible (a mixture of sour and bitter taste – smell is a “spicey” still yuck!) especially if you take it while fasting! YUCK!! I just hope it does something in the next hour or I’m returning. I really need some focus today!”

JennA (GNC Customer)

“While this product works, it tastes awful. I don’t want to use it and dread taking it. I tried mixing it with other things which helps. I would recommend trying a different Nootropic because I have.”

Robert H. (GNC Customer)

Side Effects of Beyond Raw Nootropic

Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Nootropic contains Huperzine A, and so it can cause the following side effects if not cycled every few weeks:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Memory Loss
  • Irritability

The other ingredients are all relatively safe and well-dosed, so there shouldn’t be problems if you follow the dosage recommendations from the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons of Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Nootropic

To quickly recap my Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Nootropic review;


  • Uses several patented high-quality ingredients
  • A hefty dose of L-Tyrosine will boost your focus especially when under stress and sleep deprivation
  • L-Theanine helps to mitigate anxiety and elevate mood
  • Rhodiola may boost your energy, though it’s slightly underdosed


  • Uses GABA and Coffee Fruit Extract which aren’t proven to work
  • Uses Huperzine A which is unsafe for long-term use
  • Missing several core ingredients for memory, focus, and mood
  • Tastes asphalt-y (the best way we could describe it)

Conclusion to Beyond Raw Nootropic Review

Beyond Raw nootropic is a good supplement if you can look past its downsides.

For the price of $30, you’re getting a product that can potentially enhance your focus and energy levels to an extent.

However, it tastes horrible for most users and is lacking numerous ingredients that would make it more effective for long-term use.

If you’re looking for more recommendations, see our top 3 list below.

What’s Better?

At Valentino’s Naturals, we do independent analysis on 30+ nootropic stacks every year, searching for the highest quality, clinically researched ingredient profile on sale.

In order to pass our tests, the product must meet these criteria:

  • Must support brain function naturally and safely
  • 100% clean, extensively researched formula
  • Long-term and short-term brain support
  • Memory, focus, mood and mental energy
  • Company trust
  • Value for money

For each of these categories we have subsections that we use for deeper analysis and to separate the good products from great ones. All of which can be seen on our “top 3″ brain supplements page:

leading top brain supplements

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