performance lab mind review- ingredients, side effects, benefits, dosage

Performance Lab Mind Review – Worth it?

This is our in-depth Performance Lab Mind Review

Performance Lab Mind is an ultramodern, all-natural nootropic from Opti Nutra.

This ‘brain health supplement’ claims to deliver both short-term and long-term benefits, while still being stripped down enough so that Performance Lab Mind is safe to stack with other nootropics.

Many people take Performance Lab Mind, and it has loads of positive reviews online. But how does it fare against other top rated nootropics on the market right now?

Before we dive into that, you should know that Performance Lab Mind is a highly focused nootropic. It only has 4 ingredients, which might seem like a low number, but it’s still claimed to help you with:

  1. Brain energy
  2. Brain & neural structure support
  3. Focus & concentration
  4. Reaction time
  5. Effective recall and memory
  6. Blood flow to your brain
  7. Stress resistance and mental clarity under pressure

Performance Lab Mind is one of the cleanest nootropic supplements on the market, but how true are the claims behind it.

We check everything from the ingredients to benefits, dosage, reviews and side effects in this Performance Lab Mind review to find out.

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Performance Lab Mind Review Summary

In my opinion, Performance Lab Mind is one of the best nootropic stacks you can buy at the moment.

It’s one of the key supplements in many people’s day-to-day stack. I find the formula great for brain energy & focus, especially for those long night work sessions.

Despite having a highly focused 4-ingredient formula, Performance Lab Mind is still able to hold its own as a mental performance enhancer, and can work well for supporting your goals.


  • Clean, simple and effective for all-round brain function
  • Effective & safe dosages
  • Protected by a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Save money on Multi-Box purchases
  • Can be easily stacked with other nootropics

Cons performance lab mind review

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How Does Performance Lab Mind Work?

The latest Performance Lab Mind has only recently been developed, but it’s already making waves on the market. Every day new reviews get published on it online, and most of them are positive.

So why is Performance Lab Mind so popular? What does it actually do?

For a long time nootropics like PLM have been known to support brain function. However, the benefits of just one nootropic compound are typically weak compared to two or more nootropics combined.

This is exactly what guys at Performance Lab Mind did. By adding Phosphatidylserine (PS), N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Maritime Pine Bark Extract, and Citicoline (Cognizin), they’ve taken advantage of the synergy between these key brain supplements to improve potency.

As a result, you get a product that optimizes multiple brain pathways:

And here are the benefits that this approach brings…


Performance Lab Mind is touted to be a “cognitive enhancer with mental recovery and brain health support.” In other words it’s a complete, full-spectrum nootropic stack.

Here are the core benefits you’ll be experiencing from Performance Lab Mind:

  • Improved mental clarity
  • Faster information processing
  • More brain energy
  • Sharper memory
  • Flexible neural structure support
  • Better focus and alertness
  • Improved mental performance under stress

Sounds pretty impressive! But, how accurate are these claims about PLM? We’ll find out very soon when we inspect the ingredients.

Who Makes This Supplement? Performance lab mind review

Performance Lab Mind is made by Opti Nutra, a specialist nootropic company from the UK but operating worldwide. Their team includes experts and neuroscientists such as Dr. Ramon Velazquez, Ph.D at Opti Nutra.

These are the same people that have formulated Mind Lab Pro, which is often touted as the big brother of Performance Lab Mind and the best nootropic stack on the market right now.

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The Ingredients in Performance Lab Mind

The online reviews from using Performance Lab Mind are looking good, but what does the evidence say about this supplement.

We’ve inspected the ingredients of Performance Lab Mind up close to see how effective it is, just so we can be sure it’s not the ‘placebo effect.’

Before we get into it, let’s check the ingredients list:

performance lab mind ingredients facts label

Right off the bat, I can tell you what I like about these ingredients and what they do:

  • Citicoline Brain energy and memory
  • Phosphatidylserine – The only nootropic with a qualified FDA health claim
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – Stress resistance, productivity
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract – Neuron protection, mental clarity

In the next section of this Performance Lab Mind review, we’re going to dive deeper explaining how these ingredients work.

Citicoline (As Cognizin)

The main benefit of Citicoline is to support brain energy.

Your brain is an extremely demanding organ, spending over 20% of your total energy even though it only weighs less than 4 pounds (2kg).

Citicoline can support the supply of nutrients and other compounds to promote brain function and regeneration.

Performance Lab Mind has used a highly effective, patented form of Citicoline called Cognizin. In research, Cognizin has been suggested to improve brain energy by 13.6% and brain cell membrane creation by 26%. (1)

That’s not all it does, though. Citicoline also helps boost your brain levels of acetylcholine.

This is a neurotransmitter that optimizes brain chemistry for better attention, short-term memory and learning. In essence it makes your brain sharper in the moment, which can be key when you need to think fast.

Phosphatidylserine (As Sharp-PS Green)

Many products contain Phosphatidylserine derived from soy. Because it’s cheaper and easier to manufacture. However, the downside of soy-derived PS is that it’s often lower quality and is often GMO.

Performance Lab Mind, on the other hand, uses Sharp-PS Green. Which is a patented form of Phosphatidylserine derived from naturally grown sunflowers.

PS mainly supports your brain cell communication and regeneration. It’s also the only nootropic compound with a FDA-qualified health claim. You may notice your mental energy increase after you start using Performance Lab Mind.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) achieves this effect by improving how well your brain cells use glucose. PS has been shown to boost glucose metabolism in the brain by around 20%.  (2)

In terms of brain regeneration, PS can help by boosting your Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) which triggers the growth of new brain cells, along with enhancing the plasticity of your existing neural connections.

This helps with learning as well as neural repair to maintain high cognitive function.

PS also optimizes your brain chemicals like acetylcholine, dopamine, and serotonin which further helps your brain cell communicate more efficiently.

PS also aids in the disposal of damaged neurons so they can’t do damage to your surrounding brain cells.

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N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

This is an amino acid with nootropic properties. It’s the same as L-Tyrosine with the exception that is more bioavailable, meaning, it gets better absorbed in your body.

After you absorb NALT, your brain will use it to create chemicals such as dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. Because of this, you may feel a boost in productivity and mental performance, especially under stress when these brain chemicals get depleted.

Studies show that NALT replenishes these catecholamine neurotransmitters to boost memory, cognitive performance, and mental processing under high pressure.

This includes loud noise, arguments with other people, intense physical exercise, public speaking, cold exposure, and even sleep deprivation. (3)

Maritime Pine Bark Extract (Pinus Pinaster)

The final ingredient in PLM’s formula. It helps a lot with certain things, and is a must-have in any nootropic stack.

The way Maritime Pine Bark extract works is by raising Nitric Oxide levels. Which in turn widens your blood vessels and improves circulation.

As a result, your brain will be supplied with the essential nutrients, glucose, and oxygen for maximum performance.

Furthermore, the antioxidants in the Pine Bark are known to cross the blood-brain barrier. In the brain, these antioxidants neutralize free radicals that could damage brain cells. (4)

Our Thoughts on the Ingredient Formula

All in all, the ingredients we’ve seen in this Performance Lab Mind review are among the best on the market.

The studies, the clinically supported dosages, and the servings… this formula has everything you’d want from a top nootropic.

We encourage you to read more about Performance Lab Mind’s ingredients, as well as the studies behind them. You can check more on the official site by following the links below:

Click to Learn More About Performance Lab Mind

> Visit the Official Website <

Performance Lab Mind Dosage

The recommended dose for Performance Lab Mind is 1-2 capsules per day.

For best results, take it with your first meal of the day. Preferably with dietary fats to maximize absorption.

Side Effects of Performance Lab Mind

One of the biggest advantages of Performance Lab Mind is its safety. It’s been formulated with ingredients that have a strong pedigree in terms of clinical research, which means it’s highly unlikely to cause you and side effects.

We didn’t across any reports of serious side effects from the ingredients in Performance Lab Mind. They don’t even cause mild side effects in most cases. This is backed by not only clinical evidence but also countless positive user reviews.

As for the quality of its ingredients, Performance Lab Mind only uses pure, standardized, and premium forms of every ingredient.

Needless to say though, everyone is different. You should do your own research and read the supplement facts label carefully. If you have any medical questions, please speak with your doctor. We aren’t doctors!

This isn’t medical advice!

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How it Feels in Real Life

Many nootropic users report that Performance Lab Mind helps:

  • Boost energy levels
  • Reduce brain fog
  • Improve memory and specifically, name & phone number recall
  • Improve logical thinking
  • Enhance concentration, especially during ‘boring’ tasks
  • Reduce mood swings
  • Enhance mental well-being

Veteran brain-hackers report that Citicoline and Pine Bark Extract helped them with spider veins, age spots, physical vitality, and blood sugar levels too.

Thanks to the improved blood flow and antioxidant protection that these compounds offer.

Price & Value For Money – Performance lab mind review

Part of the reason why Performance Lab Mind is among our top 3 nootropics of this year is its excellent value for money.

Many people want to try Mind Lab Pro but aren’t sure because it’s a little pricey. Performance Lab Mind, on the other hand, costs $50, which is on the lower end of the price range for most premium nootropics.

We feel that this is actually a bargain because Performance Lab Mind is a specialist, high-end supplement, and not a cheap caffeine pill.

But you can reduce the price even further. 

Buying two bottles of Performance Lab Mind will drop the cost to $47.50 per bottle.

And if you buy the three bottle deal, the price is slashed down to $45 per bottle. Or just $1.50 per day, which is less than a cup of coffee.

We do think that paying $45 per month, or $1.50 a day, is a good deal for significantly improved brain function, long-term brain health support, and virtually no risks of side effects.

They also give you free shipping on all orders over $200. And if you don’t like the results, you’re secured with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can check the latest prices on their website, and to get prices in your local currency –

Is This the Best Nootropic Stack?

If you want a targeted brain and body support – yes it is. However, if you want to cover all the bases, including a more advanced combination of nootropic compounds, then go with Mind Lab Pro.

It depends on how serious you are about supplements and what your goals are. Personally, Performance Lab Mind works great for me. Mind Lab Pro is fantastic as well, although I do love to customize my nootropic stack, which is where Performance Lab Mind shines.

To me, Performance Lab Mind feels more like a motivation & productivity stack rather than a nootropic stack. If you just want to have it all, then go ahead and read our Mind Lab Pro review – this might be the full-spectrum solution you’re looking for.

Performance Lab Mind Review Conclusion

Without a doubt, Performance Lab Mind is one of the best nootropic stacks on the market right now. It’s got a great formula, dosage, results, and deals.

Here’s our full recap of this Performance Lab Mind review:

  • Research-backed ingredients – All the ingredients are supported by clinical evidence.
  • Effective doses – 100mg of Sharp PS Green is an excellent dosage, and is safe to take long-term.
  • Balanced servings – Up to two servings per day for a steady supply of beneficial ingredients to your body.
  • Large number of positive testimonials & reviews (like this one!)– There’s plenty of people, including students and professionals, who are happy with the effects that Performance Lab Mind gives them.
  • Easily stackable – Performance Lab Mind is made in such a way that you can safely stack it with other nootropics for additional benefits.
  • Discounts on multi-box purchases – Buying more than one-month supply gives you extra value for your money.
  • Money Back Guarantee – You’re protected by a 30-day money-bac guarantee.

Performance lab mind review Final Words

Although it’s not stuffed with ingredients as some nootropics out there, Performance Lab Mind is perfect to stack with other supplements in the Performance Lab range – which opens up even more benefits, including improved sleep, physical recovery, and mental strength.

We approve it and recommend giving it a go – it’s got the money-back guarantee and offers some unique advantages over other nootropics on the market.

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Performance lab mind review References

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  2. Effect of Phosphatidylserine on Cerebral Glucose Metabolism in Alzheimer’s Disease. (source)
  3. Effect of tyrosine supplementation on clinical and healthy populations under stress or cognitive demands–A review. (source)
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