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Prevagen vs Lion’s Mane – Which One is Better for Memory?

Looking to maintain a sharp mind? In the following article, we’ll compare the two well known brain enhancers commonly used for that purpose – Prevagen vs Lion’s Mane.

While Prevagen is a supplement produced by an American company Quincy Bioscience. Lion’s Mane is a mushroom that grows in different parts of the world, and is the only mushroom known to support cognitive function.

Below, we’ll guide you through the key things you need to know about Prevagen and Lion’s Mane, and see where they stand in relation to the current best brain supplements on the market.

Prevagen vs Lion’s Mane – The Basics

  • Prevagen is a popular choice among people over 40. Its producers say it can help you with memory loss and mental decline associated with aging.

However, this brain supplement is said to work for younger people too – helping them with learning new information, recollection, and sleep.

Upon digging a bit into Prevagen’s track record and company history, we noticed something odd. In 2015, Prevagen’s makers were sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for fake advertising claims.

Some of Prevagen’s commercials, which involved jelly fish (where the main ingredient in Prevagen is sourced from) were said to falsely present what this supplement can do. The weirdest thing is that the company still runs the same ads to this day.

  • As for Lion’s Mane, it’s a medicinal mushroom that’s been used for thousands of years to boost brain health and the immune system. It doesn’t look like your typical mushroom that has a stem and a cap.

Instead, it’s covered in long and wavy white tendrils, giving it a look which resembles Lion’s Mane… hence the name.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom grows on logs and trees throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

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Prevagen vs Lion’s Mane – The Effects on the Brain

Prevagen’s Effects

  • Prevagen contains two active ingredients, and a number of “other” filler ingredients that don’t do much except for adding dead weight to the product.

The two active ingredients in Prevagen are vitamin D and Apoaequorin. Vitamin D is great to see here – it’s a basic yet essential nutrient for our mood, cognitive function and many other aspects of health.

prevagen ingredients

However, Apoaequorin is where the spotlight is at. Apoaequorin is a protein that was first discovered in a glowing jellyfish near Seattle, Washington. Prevagen’s producers say that this ingredient can help fight mild memory loss.

So, does Apoaequorin work? Can a glowing jellyfish really boost your brain function? Very unlikely.

Prevagen’s manufacturers say that this ingredient helps boost blood flow to the brain, and help unclog the small capillaries from excess calcium.

But the evidence that Quincy Bioscience draws on was funded by them, which makes it unreliable. Other research didn’t find any concrete evidence for Apoaequorin having any sort of benefits for our brain.

Lion’s Mane Effects

  • Lion’s Mane is also called yamabushitake. It means “those who sleep in the mountains.” This pertains to hermit monks of the Shugento sect who wear long, flowing robes. These monks have used Lion’s Mane tea as a brain tonic for millennia.

Unlike with Prevagen, you’ll be happy to know that Lion’s Mane is backed by reputable research that shows how this mushroom can increase our brain’s ability to repair and grow new neurons.

Its active compounds, including erinacines and hericenones, have been shown to help fight off mental decline and in some cases, help with depression. [1, 2, 3]

Lion’s Mane is one of our top rated nootropic ingredients here on Valentino’s Naturals. Although, we don’t recommend taking it alone. It works much better in combination with other proven, natural brain boosters. You can see the 3 best supplements with Lion’s Mane right now by following the links below.

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Side Effects

Prevagen’s ingredients – including vitamin D and Apoaequorin – shouldn’t lead to side effects. Although Apoaequorin doesn’t seem to provide any benefit, it shouldn’t cause any harm either.

As a non-toxic mushroom, Lion’s Mane is also very safe. Almost no one ever reports experiencing side effects from using it. In very rare cases, some users report itchy skin from higher doses of Lion’s Mane. This could be due to the increase in nerve growth factor.

Price and Where to Buy?

Prevagen’s price is around $39.95 for a “normal strength” 30-capsule bottle, and $59.95 for “extra strength” bottle. The price can vary depending on where you buy it. The entire bottle will last you a whole month if you take the recommended 1 capsule per day. Click here to shop Prevagen on Amazon.

Lion’s Mane price differs from brand to brand. You’ll typically find it as an extract in capsules or as a powder. Just make sure you get it from a reliable supplier. Some low-quality Lion’s Mane mushrooms have been grown on grain, and have very low amounts of active compounds. Get our favorite Lion’s Mane brand on Amazon by clicking here.

You can also find Lion’s Mane in premium brain supplements. This is the best route to take because you aren’t just taking Lion’s Mane alone, but in combination with other natural ingredients that improve other aspects of your brain function. See our favorite supplements with Lion’s Mane by clicking on the link below.

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Conclusion on Prevagen vs Lion’s Mane

In summary, Lion’s Mane is our winner here.

Prevagen only contains two ingredients – vitamin D and Apoaequorin. The latter is what’s marketed to help with brain function, while vitamin D is more of a supporting ingredient. However, if current research is anything to go by, Apoaequorin doesn’t seem to do anything for our brain.

Lion’s Mane, on the other hand, has been used successfully for thousands of years and is backed by research. We recommend taking it with other proven ingredients for maximum benefits. See the current best brain supplements that use Lion’s Mane by clicking on the image below.

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