prevagen vs neuriva plus review

Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus – Which is Better In 2022?

Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus – which one is better?

In this article, we bring these two brain performance nootropics face to face to help you decide which one is right for you.

Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus SUMMARY: While neither Neuriva or Prevagen make it on our top 3 list, Neuriva Plus is the winner of the two.

It has more ingredients (5 compared to Prevagen’s 2), costs less, and is more effective at doing what it claims. AKA, helping you with memory, focus and cognitive function.

Prevagen only has vitamin D going for it – the remaining ingredient, Apoaequorin, isn’t backed by evidence to work.

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So, do Prevagen and Neuriva Plus work? How do they compare against each other? And where do they sit on our list of the best nootropic supplements? Our team finds out below…

Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus – Let’s Start

Choosing Your Nootropics

Nootropics are supplements that help support your goals. They often consist of vitamins, minerals, herbs or other natural compounds that have beneficial effects on your cognitive performance. 

Nootropic supplements work no matter if you’re 50+, a student, a busy parent, a gamer, or a CEO.

However, people who benefit the most from taking nootropics are those who need to perform on a high level mentally, and those who experience a lot of stress in their everyday life.

  • Taking a good quality nootropic can help with certain aspects of brain health and improve how you feel and think. This includes brain blood flow, brain energy, neurogenesis, and mood-regulating brain chemicals.

Neuriva Plus vs Prevagen Overview

So, after researching some products you’ve come down to these two: Prevagen or Neuriva Plus. Which one is better?

leading top brain supplements

Prevagen claims to give you these benefits:

  • Supports a healthier brain
  • Helps you have a sharper mind
  • Improves mental clarity

Neuriva Plus, on the other hand, claims the following:

  • Supports memory & focus
  • Enhances learning & accuracy
  • Improves reasoning

In case you’re wondering, we don’t recommend either of these supplements as the current most effective nootropics on the market. For that, you’ll want to check our top 3 list.

But what exactly made us pick Neuriva Plus over Prevagen? Scroll down below to find out – we’ll look at the ingredients, benefits, side effects, and more.

 – Both supplements are available on Amazon –

Get Prices: Prevagen | Neuriva Plus

Company Reputation

Prevagen is made by a company called Quincy Bioscience. They’re from Wisconsin USA. If you check their official website, you’ll be greeted with an “about” section where you’ll learn a bit about the company history and see a few images of their team.

Although we appreciate this, the design of the website looks a bit outdated and generic. So, it’s probably best to focus on something more ‘solid,’ aka, Prevagen’s ingredient profile.

According to the producers, the secret behind this supplement is its main ingredient – Apoaequorin. It’s supposed to help you maintain a youthful and sharp brain. More on that in a second.

Neuriva is produced by Schiff Vitamins. This company has been around since 1936. During this time, they’ve produced a variety of products – their currently most popular nootropic formula is Neuriva.

The company claims that they “balance nature and science.” Their clean and modern website is a big contrast to Prevagen’s, and certainly looks more appealing to me as a customer.

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The Ingredients

Here’s the most important part of this Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus comparison – the battle between their formulas.

Disregard the fancy websites or stylish packaging – what it ultimately comes down to are the ingredients. They’re the ones that ultimately decide how (in)effective the product is. See for yourself:

Prevagen Ingredients


Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus ingredients Review

Prevagen only has 2 ingredients, these include vitamin D and Apoaequorin. Most of us know how important vitamin D is – it helps you maintain a strong immune system and even supports natural testosterone production. This is a great inclusion in Prevagen for sure.

Testo Lab Pro Review and Results: How Effective is this New T-Booster?


However, the main star of Prevagen’s formula is Apoaequorin. This is a type of protein that comes from glowing jellyfish, and can apparently enhance your memory and sleep. Is this true, though?

Well… the science is iffy on this one. There’s only one reputable study behind this ingredient, and it didn’t show any mental benefits. Not only that, but Prevagen’s makers, Quincy Bioscience, have been sued for “false advertising claims” by The Federal Trade Commission in the past.

Ultimately, it seems that Prevagen’s formula only has one ingredient that can support your brain function – vitamin D. The same nutrient that you can get from the sun or foods like fatty fish.

Or you can simply get it from an inexpensive vitamin D supplement.

Does Vitamin D Increase Dopamine? A Look at the Science


Neuriva Ingredients


Neuriva Plus uses 5 ingredients in total. Three of those are basic vitamins like vitamin B6, B9 and B12.

Vitamin B6 has many small benefits for your body and the brain. It helps with mood swings, stress, and cognitive function. The more deficient in vitamin B6 you are, the more benefits you’ll notice from taking it.

neuriva plus ingredients

Vitamins B9 and B12, on the other hand, help reduce homocysteine, which is an amino acid that can clog up your arteries and small capillaries in the brain.

However, the two main stars in Neuriva Plus are Coffee Fruit Extract and Phosphatidylserine.

Neuriva – Reviews, Ingredients, Benefits, and Side Effects (2021)

Even though it doesn’t have any actual caffeine, Coffee Fruit extract has some slim evidence that shows it’s good for your brain. It is said to boost a protein called BDNF, which helps grow new brain cells but goes down as you age.

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Phosphatidylserine (PS), on the other hand, is a vital brain nutrient. It’s needed to create membranes of your brain cells, and helps with neuron to neuron communication.

People that take PS report having less brain fog and more mental clarity. If you do work that involves a lot of thinking, PS can help you stay productive for longer.

What are the Benefits of Phosphatidylserine?


Sadly that’s all you’re going to get from Neuriva Plus. Although the ingredients themselves are good, the formula is incomplete – it’s missing a few key brain health ingredients, such as Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Rhodiola Rosea, Citicoline and others.

To conclude this round: While Prevagen has vitamin D which is helpful for your brain function, it’s no match for Neuriva’s formula.

Neuriva has some downsides too and is missing a few core ingredients, but is more effective at doing its job than Prevagen.


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Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus – Dosages & Servings

Prevagen dosage is 1 capsule per day with water. Each serving contains 10mg of Apoaequorin. We don’t know if this is the correct dosage as there isn’t enough evidence on Apoaequorin in humans in general.

Neuriva Plus dosage is also 1 capsule, but you should take it before bedtime. The product’s label doesn’t say whether you should take it with water or food. Taking it with food could boost the uptake of fat-soluble nutrients into the brain, so I’d go with that.

Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus  – Side Effects

Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus in terms of side effects – which one is safer?

The truth is, neither of these should cause you side effects. Both products use light doses of ingredients, which does come at the cost of effectiveness but at least there’s no risk.

Even though Prevagen does lack research in terms of its main ingredient, Apoaequorin. What little evidence we’ve seen so far shows that Apoaequorin is a harmless ingredient.

Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus – Customer Reviews

Both products are popular on sites like Amazon.

Prevagen has over 345 reviews at the time of writing this, with an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. You can check Prevagen’s customer reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

Neuriva Plus has over 358 reviews and has a slight edge with an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars. You can check Neuriva Plus’ customer reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

Price and Value For Money – Prevagen vs Neuriva

Prevagen costs around $39.99 for a month’s worth of product on Amazon.

Neuriva Plus costs around $22 for a month’s worth of product on Amazon.

So, Neuriva or Prevagen … which is better value for money? Is Neuriva better than Prevagen? For me, yes. Not only is it more affordable but it also boasts a proven ingredient formula.

It can help your mood & cognitive performance, not to the same extent as other nootropics but it’s still decent.

Where to Buy?

You can buy Prevagen on by clicking here.

The same is for Neuriva, which you can buy on by clicking here.

Original Neuriva vs Prevagen

Okay, we’ve seen that Neuriva Plus is better at doing its job than Prevagen. But what about Neuriva Original?

This product has fewer ingredients than Neuriva Plus. So, does it still have an edge over Prevagen?

The answer is yes, BUT! It’s nowhere near what a good nootropic should be. Neuriva original contains only 2 ingredients – Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Fruit Extract. Phosphatidylserine is a good choice, but you won’t notice it working on its own.

What are the Benefits of Phosphatidylserine?


Coffee Fruit Extract, on the other hand, is lacking research to confirm if it works. So while even original Neuriva is better than Prevagen, it’s not the best option money can buy you – far from it.

Final Verdict on Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus

And that’s pretty much it. You’ve seen the ingredients, the servings, customer reviews and the benefits. So, which is better, Prevagen or Neuriva Plus?

For me, Neuriva Plus is the clear winner of this comparison. Even though it’s far from the best supplement we’ve seen, it has better ingredients than Prevagen, more positive user reviews, and costs less money.

Prevagen has vitamin D which is a great ingredient, but it’s not enough on its own. A truly great nootropic formula will include multiple proven ingredients.

The other ingredient in Prevagen hasn’t been shown in research to help with anything really, so I can’t recommend it to our readers at Valentino’s Naturals.

Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus FAQ


Which is better Neuriva Plus or Prevagen?

While not being as effective as some of the market’s top rated brain supplements,  Neuriva Plus is the winner of the two.

It has more ingredients (5 compared to Prevagen’s 2), costs less, and is more effective at doing what it claims. AKA, helping you with memory, focus and cognitive functions.

Prevagen only has vitamin D going for it – the remaining ingredient, Apoaequorin, isn’t backed by evidence to work.

How is Neuriva Plus different from Prevagen?

Both Neuriva Plus and Prevagen claim to support healthy brain functions and improve focus, memory, learning and cognitive functions.

They do so by adding different ingredients to their brain supplements. Neuriva Plus has 5 ingredients compared to only 2 ingredients of Prevagen, making it more effective in helping with memory and cognitive functions.

What are the best brain supplements on the market?

  1. Mind Lab Pro:  Currently Ranked as #1 Brain Supplement
  2. Performance Lab Mind
  3. The Stress Reduction Supplement
  4. Neuriva Plus
  5. Focus Factor

What is the difference between Neuriva and Neuriva plus?

Neuriva Plus uses 5 ingredients in total. In addition to Neuriva basic ingredients which are Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Fruit Extract, Neuriva Plus contains an extra 3 x B Vitamins which are Vitamin B6, B9, B12.

This means that Neuriva Plus has a total of 5 ingredients, 3 more than the basic Neuriva.

What are the Ingredients of Neuriva Plus?

Neuriva Plus contains 5 ingredients in total, The main two are Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Fruit Extract, the other 3 are B vitamins which are: B6, B9, B12.

What are the Ingredients of Neuriva?

Neuriva contains only 2 ingredients which are Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Fruit Extract.

What are the Ingredients of Prevagen?

Prevagen only has 2 ingredients, these include vitamin D and Apoaequorin that comes from glowing jellyfish. Apoaequorin is patented by Quincy Bioscience for use in a variety of products to support cognitive function.

What is the most important ingredient in Prevagen?

The main star of Prevagen’s formula is Apoaequorin. This is a type of protein that comes from glowing jellyfish, and can apparently enhance your memory and sleep. Is this true, though?

Does Neuriva Plus really work?

Neuriva Plus is a brain supplement which claims to improve your cognition functions, memory and focus.

However, it does not work for everyone and  Neuriva Plus biggest drawback is that it’s missing many core ingredients.  Although safe as it has only two ingredients, both approved by the FDA, , Neuriva Plus is too weak to have a serious effect on your memory or cognitive function.

How long does it take for Neuriva Plus to work?

L-theanine and phosphatidylserine are both contained in Neuriva Plus supplement, They are reported to work in as little as 3 hours, from the moment of consumption.

In case you consume Neuriva Plus for Alzheimer, you may start to see results  after 7 weeks. However, results are not guaranteed.

Do doctors recommend Neuriva Plus ?

No, Neuriva Plus is not an FDA approved medication and should not be taken if you have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Should prevagen Plus be taken at night or morning?

It is generally recommended to take it in the morning after breakfast for ultimate results.

What are the worst foods for memory?

  • Sweet or Sugary Drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Refined carbohydrates such as sugar, white flour, processed grains
  • Highly Processed Foods
  • Foods High in Trans Fats.
  • Fish High in Mercury

Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus Final Words

To quickly summarize, here are the key points from this Neuriva Plus vs Prevagen comparison:

Prevagen Key Points: 

  • Safe
  • Contains vitamin D which helps with testosterone, mood, memory, and overall health (if you’re deficient in it)
  • Besides vitamin D, it only has one other ingredient, Apoaequorin, which is ineffective
  • Simple to take, 1 capsule per day
  • Pricey ($40 bucks for 30 servings)
  • You can buy it on

Neuriva Plus Key Points:

  • Safe
  • Contains 5 well-studied ingredients
  • Light and safe formula
  • Simple to take, 1 capsule per day
  • Affordable, about $22 bucks for 30 servings
  • Missing some core nootropic ingredients
  • You can buy it on


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17 thoughts on “Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus – Which is Better In 2022?”

    1. Andy,

      Neuriva Original is not worth it in my eyes. It only has two ingredients – Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Fruit Extract. PS is good for your brain, but Coffee Fruit Extract is yet to be proven to work. There’s a lot of hype around Neuriva, but it’s basically the same as Neuriva Plus, minus the B vitamins. For the money, there are definitely better options on sale.

  1. Can you take more than one Neuriva Plus a day? I know it works as I can tell when it wears off. Thank you.

    1. Hi Tracy,

      The label instructions say only 1 cap per day. I’m not a doctor so I can’t give you any advice. That said, I’ve used Neuriva Plus personally and had no problems taking it twice per day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Although I didn’t feel it working as you did, the dosages of Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Fruit Extract are relatively light so taking 2 capsules per day shouldn’t cause any issues for most people.

  2. So what happened? Neutriva bribed you with more money to recommend them? They are both snake oil.

    1. Larry,

      What happened is that you skimmed through the article. If you’d actually read it, you’d see that I said how I don’t recommend Neuriva as the best brain supplement. Also, we’re not sponsored by any brand.

    1. Cindy,

      That answer changes as we continue to test more supplements every year.

      For current top-rated supplements, you can check the links I’ve provided in the article – these will lead you to our “top 3” page which shows products our team rates as the best options on sale right now.

  3. I am desperately looking for a supplement that might help with concentration and focus, WITHOUT the caffeine jitters!! Please ANY recommendations or suggestions!!

    1. Sonya,

      We have two options on this list that are caffeine- and stim-free: Performance Lab Mind and Mind Lab Pro. Both have clinical dosages of some of the most effective ingredients for focus and concentrations around.

  4. I have begun taking Prevagen Extra Strength. Today is day two. I don’t see any comments regarding this formula. It is very expensive,even on Amazon.

    1. Faye,

      As the name suggests, Prevagen Extra Strength is the same formula as the original Prevagen, just with the double amount of Apoaequorin – 20mg instead of 10mg.

      While Apoaequorin looks to be safe when taken daily, we don’t have any credible studies that show it works for brain function.

      In any case, be sure to let us know how Prevagen worked for you, Faye.


  5. Thank you.
    My husband is 88 and we are having a big problem with his memory.
    He is taking Prevagen and it is not working at all.
    After 3;00 PM he is lost.
    I am going to buy the top product and will keep you informed.
    Thank you for your honest reply’s, it’s good for a change.

    1. Ciel,

      Please be aware that our posts are informational in nature only! Your husband needs more than the help of a mere dietary supplement. You need to get him to a qualified specialist/physician who will determine the best course of action for him.


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