Neuriva vs Cognium

Neuriva vs Cognium. What BEST supplement to Choose?

Neuriva vs Cognium. What to choose and What is Better?


Why do we need such supplements like Neuriva and Cognium?

Providing our brain with the substances necessary for its vital activity is no less important than pumping muscles in the gym, breathing fresh air and eating right.

Neuriva vs Cognium

By the way, everyday food becomes poorer in vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances. Experts call them micronutrients because they are found in food in negligible amounts. ‘

But these crumbs are the key to our youth and health. Therefore, to feel good, and to improve your cognitive function brain supplements should be taken as regularly as the food itself.

 Neuriva and Cognium are Both extremely popular brain supplements, so we were very interested to see which one is best for supporting our cognitive function.

Let’s get started …

Neuriva vs Cognium Introduction

Name Neuriva Cognium
Brand Schiff Vitamins Natrol
For what? Neuriva is a nootropic supplement which helps to boost mental clarity, cognition, and focus. Natrol Cognium is a nootropic supplement capable of enhancing memory function and protecting against cognitive decline.
Presented form Gummy, capsule, and liquid shot form. Сapsule only
Ingredients Neuriva vs Cognium

5 ACTIVE Ingredients

Neuriva vs Cognium

1 ACTIVE Ingredient

Where to buy?
Dosage 1 capsule, but you should take it before bedtime.


1 capsule a day after the meal(10-15 min).

The Intro of Neuriva & Cognium Brands


Neuriva is produced by the famous company Schiff Vitamins. This company has been around since 1936.

During this time, they’ve produced a variety of products – their currently most popular nootropic formula is Neuriva.

Cognium was created by the Natrol Company. Natrol was founded in 1980 as a cosmetics company.

Over the last few years Natrol has increasingly tried to get into the nootropics market. Today Natrol is considered to be a pioneer in formulating food into medicinal supplements for better health and wellness.

Neuriva & Cognium Positive Effect. Benefits


Neuriva benefits are the following:

  • Supports memory & focus

  • Enhances learning & accuracy

  • Improves reasoning

  • Improves memory functions

  • Better learning

  • Heightened concentration


According to the Natrol website, this supplement delivers some benefits:

  • Have a nootropic and anticonvulsant effect

  • Increases the brain’s resistance to hypoxia and to the action of toxic substances

  • Stimulates the processes of anabolism in neurons.

  • Combines a moderate sedative effect with a mild stimulating effect, and reduces motor excitability.

  • Increases mental and physical performance.

Neuriva vs Cognium Ingredients

Neuriva Ingredients:

Neuriva has Clinically proven ingredients with almost no known side effects.

Neuriva uses 5 ingredients in total. Three of those are basic vitamins like vitamin B6, B9 and B12.However, the two main stars in Neuriva Plus are Coffee Fruit Extract and Phosphatidylserine.

Neuriva vs Cognium
Neuriva vs Cognium

Neuriva is usually offered in two forms, Neuriva Original and Neuriva Plus. The Original formula of Neuriva utilizes phosphatidylserine and L-theanine, while Plus includes a spectrum of B vitamins and Coffee Fruit Extract.

L-theanine is one of the most powerful natural antidepressants, it has the ability to completely eliminate both psychological and physical stress.

L-theanine improves cognitive performance, strengthens the immune system, and can also improve mood. However, it does not have a sedative effect and does not cause drowsiness.

Coffee Fruit Extract benefits: coffee fruit can help protect brain function and slow the signs of aging.

For example, one study in 71 older adults with mild cognitive decline found that consuming coffee fruit extract for 28 days significantly shortened reaction times .

Another small study found that taking 100 mg of coffee fruit concentrate increased levels of brain neurotrophic factor (BDNF) – a type of protein required for the survival and growth of neuronal cells in the brain – by 143% in just 2 hours.

Additionally, according to a review of 15 studies, people with Alzheimer’s disease tend to have lower BDNF levels. Thus, coffee fruit concentrate may play a role in the control or treatment of this condition.

Phosphatidylserine promotes optimal exposure of chemical receptors in the nervous tissue, which regulate nervous processes, including the processes of division and growth of nerve cells. It also promotes the activation of glucose metabolism in the brain and increases the resistance of nerve cells to ischemic damage. Phosphatidylserine prevents the destruction of brain cells by macrophages, suppressing their phagocytic activity.

It can cross the blood-brain barrier and enter directly into the brain tissue a few minutes after ingestion. The experimental data available to date indicate that phosphatidylserine stimulates the synthesis of acetylcholine and activates cholinergic processes in the brain. Meanwhile, a decrease in the production of acetylcholine is one of the natural phenomena in Alzheimer’s disease and other types of senile dementia.

B vitamins are also important for the brain: even a minimal deficiency of vitamin B disrupts brain activity, affecting thinking, concentration and feelings. B vitamins help convert glucose, the body’s fuel, into energy. Therefore, the main symptom of a lack of vitamin B is precisely fatigue and mood swings.

Neuriva consists of clinically proven ingredients. Clinical studies have shown that coffee cherry (Neurofactor) and plant-sourced PS (phosphatidylserine) enhance brain performance.

Both Neurofactor and plant-sourced Sharp PS (phosphatidylserine) are naturally sourced.

This supplement has a carefully crafted formula: Neuriva is GMO-Free, gluten-free, vegetarian, and decaffeinated.

Cognium Ingredients:

Cognium has just one ingredient: silk protein hydrolysate.

Hydrolyzed Silk is an active substance that is obtained from silk fibers by hydrolysis. Hydrolyzed silk, unlike ordinary silk, can penetrate through the skin to the inner layers, delivering fibroitin – an indispensable component for youthful skin. Contains glutamate, glycine, serine, alanine, threonine, valine, phenylalanine, cystine, lysine and praline, as well as fibronectin.

neuriva vs cognium

Studies have shown that silk protein energizes the brain by improving its blood supply, namely by promoting the flow of more glucose into the brain cells.

Moreover, the influx goes to the centers of the brain, which are responsible for memory and learning ability. The results of the study were based on a daily intake of 200 mg of silk hydrolysate. This is the amount of Silk Hydrolysate that Natrol 100mg Cognium requires daily.

In some laboratory tests, it was also revealed that silk hydrolysate acts on the brain and as an antioxidant. It protects it from free radicals and oxidative stress, thereby preventing early aging of the brain so that degenerative age-related changes in the brain do not make themselves felt for a long time. In other words, protein hydrolysate helps keep the mind clear for longer.

What is the principle of the action of silk hydrolysate based on?

As our body ages, and with it the brain, various undesirable processes take place in it, which can be slowed down. The harmful protein beta-amyloid accumulates in the brain, which disrupts the functioning of brain neurons, blocks the transmission of nerve impulses between brain cells, and also provokes the development of inflammatory processes in it.

By the way, some studies claim that beta-amyloid is one of the reasons for the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Protein CERA-Q is derived from fibroin, the main component of the silkworm cocoon. Fibroin is rich in glycine and alanine. These amino acids make up 75 percent of its total amino acid composition. In communication with the unique molecular structure of fibroin, they bind harmful beta-amyloid molecules and prevent them from accumulating in brain tissues.

Nowadays not so many studies have been conducted to prove the 100% effectiveness of Silk Hydrolysate.

The undoubted benefit of Natrol Cognium 100 mg is that it is free of all stimulants.

Neuriva vs Cognium Dosages and Warnings


Dosage is only 1 capsule, but you should take it before bedtime. The product’s label doesn’t say whether you should take it with water or food. Taking it with food could boost the uptake of fat-soluble nutrients into the brain.


Taking into account the nootropic action of the nootropic supplement, it is taken once, mainly in the morning and afternoon hours.

In conditions of long-term treatment, the simultaneous use of Cognium and Neuriva with other nootropic and stimulating agents is not recommended.


Neuriva vs Cognium Side Effects

 Can these supplements cause side effects if both of these products use light doses of natural ingredients?

Neuriva Side Effects:

By consuming high doses of Neuriva you may have an upset stomach and heartburn, or even have a laxative effect due to high doses of coffee fruit extract which is the main ingredient in our featured product.

Cognium Side Effects:

Allergic reactions are possible, including rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and skin rashes. If allergic reactions occur, the supplement should be canceled.

During the use of the drug, the following are possible: urticaria, itching, flushing of the skin, flushing of the face, peeling of the skin. In this case, you should reduce the dose or cancel the supplement. Neurological disorders are possible, including sleep disturbances or drowsiness, noise in the head, which are usually short-lived and do not require discontinuation of the supplement.

Neuriva vs Cognium Customers’ Reviews

Both products are popular on sites like Amazon.

Neuriva has over 9006 reviews at the time of writing this, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. You can check Neuriva’s customer reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

Cognium has over 5089 reviews at the time of writing this, with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. You can check Neuriva’s customer reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

Cognium costs around $31.90 for a month’s worth of product on Amazon.

Neuriva costs around $33.00 for a month’s worth of product on Amazon.

Final Words Neuriva vs Cognium. What to buy?

If you want to get a nootropic supplement which can help with forgetfulness, memory, and cognitive functions then choose Neuriva.

Neuriva has some disadvantages and some side effects and it could include even more helpful ingredients, but is more effective at doing its job than Cognium.

To my personal point of view, Cognium is completely lacking in clinical evidence. It contains one ingredient, and it does not so much for cognitive function or brain health. Unfortunately, Cognium’s main ingredient isn’t widely-used in memory supplements today. Good nootropics for improving cognitive functions contain a stack of herbal extracts and different categories of vitamins.

Because of the lack of important ingredients, Cognium Supplements can leave you with  the following effects:

  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • Absent-mindedness,
  • Constipation,
  • Poor digestion
  • Problems with the heart,
  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor memory and capacity,
  • Poor condition of the skin, hair, nails, mouth, tongue and eyes,
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Lack of appetite.

Is There A Better Alternative? Looking for a Better Brain Supplement?

If you are wondering, why don’t we currently rate either Neuriva or Cognium as one of the very best brain supplements on the market right now. Then, you’ll need to read our top 3 list report.

Curious about our Top 3 List? Check This Review Out:

top3nootropicsThe 3 Best Brain Health Supplements







Mind Lab Pro by Opti Nutra is one of the best nootropics we’ve reviewed at Valentino’s Naturals. It’s worked very well to improve mood, focus, and memory of not just our team, but many other people that have reported their experiences online.

This highly effective blend of natural and safe ingredients offers amazing benefits for your cognitive performance and mental well-being. Optimizing and protecting your brain from all angles.

With minimal side effects, a simple dose, and a wealth of benefits, it’s currently our top-rated product at the moment


Frequently Asked Question Section

 For Whom Is Neuriva ? 

This supplement is very helpful for those who are looking to increase brain health, improve memory and focus.

It will be helpful for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of senile dementia.

How Long Does It Take For Neuriva To Get the Effect? 

They are reported to work in as little as 3 hours, from the moment of consumption.

But the real results you can see from 2-3 weeks of regular treatment as it has a cumulative effect.

Can sportsmen use Neuriva for getting better sport results?

Yes. With Neuriva, you can also speed up your full recovery from regular high-intensity exercise.

Because of the L theanine substance. This amino acid is very often included in pre-workout complexes, since it has the ability to saturate the athlete’s body with additional energy and give strength to carry out the most effective workout.

The positive effect of this substance on physical activity is due to the fact that it increases the concentration of glycogen in the liver, which the body uses as fuel during exercise. Among other things, theanine helps to increase the production of nitric oxide, which improves blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles.

Do I still need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables If I take Neuriva?

Of course! Take Neuriva and eat fresh fruits and vegetables!

Fresh vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants and nutrients for the brain. To stimulate memory, eat more lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, zucchini, celery, broccoli, and strawberries. Protein is needed for nutrition. The most valuable sources are chia seeds, legumes, seafood, cheeses, and dairy products.

Glucose is a source of energy, but it is better to get it not from flour or sweet, but from fruits, vegetables, honey. Among polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 (found in flaxseed oil, chia seeds, mackerel, herring) and omega-6 (sunflower or sesame oil, walnuts, avocados) are especially important for the brain.

The balance of water is necessary for the respiration of brain cells, the elimination of toxins, and the production of energy. To maintain high levels of cognitive function, it is beneficial to drink more (an average of about 2 liters per day).


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