Prevagen vs CoQ10

Prevagen vs CoQ10 – Which is Better?

Prevagen vs CoQ10 – which one will give your brainpower a real boost? We compare their effects and safety in this interesting face off.

[Prevagen vs CoQ10 – SUMMARY] For those of you that don’t want to trawl through the entirety of this post, we’ve found CoQ10 to be the better option.

Prevagen’s formula consists of two ingredients – the basic vitamin D, and Apoaequorin, a type of jellyfish protein that has absolutely no evidence behind it. Did we mention it’s overpriced as well?

While CoQ10 isn’t a miracle ingredient (it’s not really a great brain supplement), it’s still better than Prevagen at improving mental energy a bit.

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Prevagen vs CoQ10 – The Basics

Let’s start with Prevagen first. Costing $40-55 per bottle, it should be taken once per day (one capsule) with your meals.

It’s an interesting supplement – claiming to boost brain health (more so memory) with the use of jellyfish protein, called Apoaequorin. This is where most of Prevagen’s benefits come from, according to its manufacturers and the marketing material online.

Speaking of the manufacturers, they don’t exactly have the shiniest track record out there. They’ve been sued in the past by the FTC for false marketing claims. You’ve guessed it – it was the jellyfish. The same creepy commercials they run to this day.

CoQ10, on the other hand, is a single ingredient. It’s a molecule used by your mitochondria to help them produce energy. It also has some other benefits that we’ll touch upon below. But that’s about all there is to CoQ10. It’s not a full-on nootropic product like Prevagen (although, that one is debatable as well), but more of a like a single vitamin.

So, which one is better for brain function? Well, let me tell you right off the bat, neither one looks to impressive. To give your brain a real boost, you’ll need a lot more than just a single vitamin or a few antioxidants in your stack!

You’ll need proven herbs, nutrients, and extracts. Those that have been shown in studies to help everyone from elderly, parents, CEOs, students and everyone in between enhance their mood, boost memory and increase mental capacity overall.

Prevagen vs CoQ10 The Ingredients

The ingredients in Prevagen are:

You already probably know what vitamin D is. We get it from the sun mainly. Although you can get it from some foods it’s not a lot and it’s easy to get deficient in it.

Most people will benefit from using some vitamin D as a supplement. Not just in terms of bone health (vitamin D aids calcium absorption) but also in regards to brain function and mood – vitamin D can reduce mood swings.

As for Apoaequorin, well, you’ve seen it all in the intro pretty much. Prevagen’s manufacturers draw on questionable studies done by questionable scientists, that also happened to be funded by them. So that blows the legitimacy of these studies’ results out of the water.

Okay, so basically, you’re paying the full price for Prevagen just to get vitamin D. Considering that you can get vitamin D as a standalone supplement for much less, it’s quite clear Prevagen’s formula is a terrible value for money.

What about Coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10)?

Well, in my opinion, in fares better than Prevagen. It’s been commonly used by older people for cardiovascular health and anti-aging. But can it boost your mental function?

Well, it could. Its main mechanism of action is increasing mitochondria’s activity. In case you’re asking, mitochondria are small tiny organelles in our cells that make energy. The more of these guys you have, and the better they work, the less fatigued you’ll feel.

This translates to not only physical energy but can also be helpful if you’re suffering from brain fog or any kind of mental energy issue.

So yes, in that sense, you’re more likely to feel ‘a boost’ from CoQ10 than from Prevagen. That said, it’s still far from an excellent brain supplement.

CoQ10 on its own is too weak to lead to any significant improvement. Don’t expect it to improve your memory or enhance how you feel mentally (mood-wise). For that, you’ll need to check our list of top brain supplements.

Side Effects of Prevagen vs CoQ10

As bad as it is, Prevagen shouldn’t cause you any side effects. The jellyfish protein that it uses, isn’t proven to do absolutely anything. So at least that’s good. The remaining ingredient, vitamin D, is also fairly safe especially at the doses that Prevagen uses.

As far as CoQ10 goes, there’s very little risk of side effects. Of course, if you’re suffering from any kind of health condition you’ll want to speak with your doc before even thinking about adding a new supplement to your routine.

But overall, it’s not looking too bad for either of these two in terms of side effects.

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Price and Value For Money? Prevagen vs CoQ10

Prevagen costs $35-$55 per bottle of 30 capsules. Taking the recommended 1 capsule per day means it will last you one week. As far as I’m concerned, this supplement is a scam. It offers nothing and yet it’s priced similarly as the proven brain supplements that actually work.

In terms of CoQ10, the price depends on the form of CoQ10 you take (Ubiquinol vs Ubiquinone), as well as the seller, the dosage and lots more.

In any case, it’s a better value for money than Prevagen because it’s at least proven to have some degree of benefit. And you’re also far more likely to find it for much cheaper than what Prevagen’s makers charge.

Conclusion on Prevagen vs CoQ10

So there’s that. I was a little bit rough, true. But there’s no sugarcoating what Prevagen’s manufacturers are doing. Promising you all these amazing benefits that their product can’t realistically achieve. This feels like a deception to me. It’s a scam.

As for CoQ10, it could be useful for general health and also brain energy, as it helps to boost blood flow throughout the body. Though the effect isn’t that strong, and you’re unlikely to notice that much of a difference from taking it.

Prevagen vs CoQ10 Final Words

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