Provasil vs Focus Factor

Provasil vs Focus Factor: Which is More Effective?

Provasil and Focus Factor are both popular food supplements, having over 3200 reviews on Amazon between them. But which one is better? Which one is more effective at improving your recall, memory, and focus? And most importantly, which is safer and can be taken daily without developing any sort of tolerance?

Short answer: While Provasil has a more transparent ingredient label than Focus Factor, some of Provasil’s ingredients are underdosed, which will reduce its effectiveness in terms of cognitive benefits you can expect.

Focus Factor is cheaper and offers more capsules per day (4 vs 2), but much like Provasil, it uses cheaper forms of ingredients that are harder to absorb. For these reasons and others that are discussed below, neither Focus Factor nor Provasil makes it on our “top 3” list.

For the long answer, make sure to stay with us in this Provasil vs Focus Factor complete comparison!

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Provasil vs Focus Factor – The Basics

Looking for a basic overview of the key facts you should know about Provasil and Focus Factor? Here we have just that!


Provasil is a all-natural supplement that is designed to “give you back your mental edge” while sharpening your memory and focus.

It comes in a blue-looking bottle with 60 capsules. The manufacturer says you should take 2 capsules per day for these optimal effects:

  • Improved information retention and recall
  • Intensified focus
  • Maximum strength cognition

Provasil features a few pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, such as Acetyl L-Carnitine, a natural molecule which can cross your blood-brain barrier and help protect from decline.

Provasil’s manufacturers have achieved quite a success ever since its launch – you’ll see plenty of reviews on Amazon. Some positive, some negative – more on that below.

Focus Factor

Focus Factor is a nootropic (brain) supplement that specializes at improving your – you’ve guessed it – focus and performance. It’s specifically formulated for people who want to stay on top of their game mentally, regardless of if you’re an older person or a young ambitious CEO.

Focus Factor has 120 capsules with a huge serving size of 4 capsules per day. The issue is you’re meant to take these all at once, which means the mental effects may wear off between your doses.

Focus Factor is without a doubt the more popular of the two supplements – boasting around 3,000 reviews on Amazon at the time we’re writing this.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this many reviews is a tell-tale sign of a winning product. Focus Factor certainly looks like one at first glance.

But looking closer at its ingredient list, you’ll notice it has a proprietary blend…

– Both products are available on Amazon –

Check Prices: Provasil | Focus Factor

Provasil Boost Memory Intensifies Focus Increase Mental Performance (60)
  • Provasil is an All-Natural Formulation That Can Give You Back Your Mental Edge While Sharpening Your Concentration and Focus!


The Ingredients

Focus Factor has 24 ingredients, plus a proprietary blend with many more inside. Provasil, on the other hand, has 15 ingredients.

Both products have more ingredients that our current highest-rated brain supplements (aka, nootropic stacks).

But one issue with Focus Factor’s formula is that it hides some of its ingredients inside a proprietary blend. We’re highly against proprietary blends because you can’t see how much of each ingredient is inside. You only see the total dose of the blend.

As for Provasil, it’s got a cleaner ingredient profile, which allows us to see how effective and safe the doses are. And they are safe, but unfortunately not very effective – many of Provasil’s ingredients are underdosed.

Common ingredients that both Provasil and Focus Factor have are:

  • Bacopa Monnieri – This is an Ayurvedic herb with memory-boosting properties. You will need to take it for several weeks to notice its effects.
  • Tyrosine – Tyrosine is a food amino acid that converts to dopamine in your brain. Dopamine, as you already may know, is critical for the functioning of your nervous system and regulating mood.
  • Phosphatidylserine – PS is a phospholipid highly concentrated in the membrane tissues of your brain. It’s literally a building block for your brain cells that helps them communicate and work more efficiently. In plain English? PS can help boost your memory and quick-wittedness.
  • Choline – Choline helps your brain make more acetylcholine, a chemical that is important for memory and retention. However, both Provasil and Focus Factor use choline ‘bitartrate’, which is a form of choline with a low absorption rate in the brain.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – One of the old-school nootropics, Ginkgo is known for increasing blood flow to tissues around your body and in the brain.
  • DHA – Essential omega-3 fatty acids for brain development and function.

Focus Factor’s Ingredients

Here are the most important ingredients unique to Focus Factor:

  • B Vitamins – These are building blocks for your neurotransmitters including the ‘reward’ molecule dopamine.
  • Magnesium – Same as B vitamins, and it also relaxes your nerves.
  • Inositol – Helps reduce glutamate, a chemical that can lead to neuron damage and death. In real life, this will manifest as a calmer mind.
  • Huperzine A – Huperzine A can boost your memory, but it can also give you headaches if not cycled.

Focus Factor has a number of ingredients. These include Tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine, and others. Tyrosine does need a dose of 500-1,000mg per serving to really get the most out of it. You can’t tell if Focus Factor has enough since tyrosine and many of the above-mentioned ingredients are inside a proprietary blend.

Provasil Ingredients

Provasil’s unique ingredients include:

  • N-Acetyl L-Carnitine – Helps protect your brain tissues from oxidative stress that is the result of free radicals and other environmental factors.
  • L-Glutamine – Glutamine is a great gut health ingredient, and as you know, your gut and your brain are very much connected. Mainly through the vagus nerve. Optimal glutamine supplementation can protect the lining of your gut which can improve its function, and in turn, make you feel better. However, there’s only 45mg of glutamine per serving in Provasil, and you need at least 1,000mg to get any kind of positive benefits from it.
  • Phosphatidylcholine – This is similar to Phosphatidylserine in the sense that it helps your brain cells communicate better. Yet again, there’s not enough of it in Provasil – being severely underdosed at 30mg per serving. One egg has more!
  • Asian Panax Red Ginseng – This is an ancient Asian herb that’s been used for many purposes, including as a cure for high blood sugar levels, and the reduction of stress hormones in the brain, such as cortisol.
  • Resveratrol – Resveratrol is a solid ‘general health’ molecule, but you won’t get many nootropic benefits from it.

Our Thoughts on the Ingredients in Provasil vs Focus Factor

If you’re going for the safer choice, Provasil is the one. If for nothing else, then because it has its doses shown clearly on the label. But Provasil has one major downside, and that is the lack of optimal doses, which renders most of its ingredients ineffective. Put simply, you will not feel any effects from using Provasil.

Focus Factor and Provasil both share many similar ingredients, but Focus Factor has many more included. If we could see their doses, then we’d be able to determine if Focus Factor has a safe and effective ingredient profile as a whole. This way, we can’t.

Ultimately, neither formula is the winner here, but if we had to pick, we’d go with Provasil.

Side Effects: Which is Safer?

Provasil is the safer option as you’ve seen above. It has better ingredients, and lighter doses. It’s unlikely to give you side effects, or any effects at all for that matter!

The ingredients of Focus Factor which do have their dosages shown, are well-dosed, but the ones in proprietary blend are hidden. So we can’t tell if there’s a risk of side effects from taking Focus Factor. Huperzine A does need to be cycled, so that’s one thing you should keep in mind if you want to avoid headaches and other side effects of this ingredients.

Customer Reviews

As far as customer reviews go, Focus Factor is the clear winner.

It has over 3000 reviews on Amazon and an average score of 4.3/5 stars. Most users are happy with the effects, with a small minority complaining about adverse reactions – such as headaches and insomnia.

This is likely attributable to Huperzine A, which is included in an unknown amount in Focus Factor. A few users also said how Focus Factors didn’t do anything for them, but again, these are a minority.

Provasil vs Focus Factor: Price Comparison

Depending on where you buy it, Provasil’s price can change drastically. It costs around $80 per bottle on Amazon, and a significantly lower $47 on its official website. Check Provasil’s price on Amazon by clicking here.

Provasil Boost Memory Intensifies Focus Increase Mental Performance (60)
  • Provasil is an All-Natural Formulation That Can Give You Back Your Mental Edge While Sharpening Your Concentration and Focus!

Focus Factor takes the win here again, as it costs around $30 on multiple websites. Check Amazon’s prices for Focus Factor here.

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Conclusion to Provasil vs Focus Factor

That concludes our comparison. We’ve found Focus Factor to offer better value for money, since it has more ingredients, uses 4 servings per day, and costs two-to-three times less than Provasil.

That being said, Focus Factor is not on our ‘top 3’ list of the current best brain supplements for several reasons. For one, its label doesn’t show us the doses of many of its crucial ingredients.

And secondly, some of the ingredients come in cheap, poorly-absorbable forms (such as choline bitartrate), making it less effective than what’s currently available out there.

If you want the best brain supplement for your money, we recommend doing more research. Here are our recommended top picks:

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